Data Privacy – Part 2: Privacy Policy

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to a more digital workplace. Now, it is more convenient than ever before to store and process data, including personal information. With this transition comes a good opportunity to revisit an issue that all Canadian...

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When Non-voting Shares Get to Vote Part II

In “When Non-voting Shares Get to Vote” we looked at how calling a share a ‘non-voting’ share is a bit of a misnomer. Under Canadian corporate statutes even non-voting shares have the right to vote in certain circumstances and at best should be called ‘mostly...

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When Non-voting Shares Get to Vote Part I

There are many reasons for issuing non-voting shares: incentivizing employees with equity, issuing shares to family members, or capital raising through crowdfunding campaigns. In most cases, these reasons are balanced with a founder’s desire to maintain control over...

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Covid-19: Can I Layoff My Employees?

For many businesses the onset of Covid-19 has resulted in loss of work, cancellation of contracts and in some cases even a cessation of all business activity. Most of us are familiar with layoffs in the context of a unionized environment. One of the most common...

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