Virtual Legal Counsel:
Reduce Costs with an Outsourced Legal Counsel


Ross Rumbell Business Law: 

A boutique business law practice serving companies in Toronto and across Ontario

In this increasingly complex business environment, your team needs a trusted legal advisor to guide you and help mitigate risk, whatever your size, industry or stage of growth.

Does your business:
  • Currently lack an in-house counsel?
  • Need to cover a gap in your existing legal team?
  • Require ongoing legal support for your business?
A “virtual” general counsel will save you on the high costs of a full-time lawyer.

The lawyers at Ross Rumbell Business Law bring you the breadth of legal services you need, along with the depth of understanding of your business environment.

Look to our affordable flat fee virtual legal counsel services to keep you well-advised and legally covered, whatever issues arise in your business. As your virtual general counsel, we’ll work diligently to reduce your business liability, protect your interests, and manage your legal affairs efficiently like a trusted member of your team… all for a surprisingly affordable monthly retainer fee.

It will be just like having a top lawyer in-house, for a fraction of the cost and none of the overhead expenses.

Ross Rumbell layers

Look to your Ross Rumbell Business Law virtual general counsel to:

  • Learn the nuances of your business, like an insider
  • Develop, manage and continually update your legal contracts and agreements
  • Negotiate legal matters and contracts on your behalf
  • Create internal policies
  • Review your marketing collateral for legal compliance
  • Manage pre-litigation dispute resolution
  • Review, advise and train staff about compliance obligations
  • Co-ordinate and oversee external legal management for matters outside our expertise

Five Ways A Ross Rumbell Virtual Legal Counsel Can Help Your Business:


Lower your legal costs

Why pay a full time legal professional when you’ll get the same high-level services for a fraction of the cost?


Centralize all your legal affairs

Consolidate all your legal matters with one trusted firm


Get faster access to legal advice when you need it

Give your team prioritized access to a lawyer, so they can all solve problems faster


Identify risks and seize opportunities

Steer your business away from trouble, negotiate more favourable terms, and seize new opportunities fast


Gain management insight and oversight

Get peace of mind with a trusted advisor who will help you see clearly where you are headed

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