Business Start-Up Plan:
All the Legal Services You’ll Need to Launch Successfully


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Incorporation? Limited partnership? Liabilities? When you are setting up a new business, there are so many questions that need the right answers.

Perhaps you are uncertain if you need to incorporate, or whether another entity, such as a limited partnership, might suit your needs better.

Maybe you are entering a heavily regulated sector such as fintech or health & wellness and you are concerned about compliance.

Possibly you are anxious about your personal liability and how to protect your assets. What you really need is a trusted advisor and a suite of basic legal agreements to go to market with confidence.   

The lawyers at Ross Rumbell Business Law can help.

We have created a special all-inclusive legal package expressly for early stage entrepreneurs like you. It provides you with all the legal services we think you will need in those early months. What’s more, you will be able to have a candid chat with one of our experts when you need to, without the legal bill metre running.

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Our Business Start-up Plan Includes:

  • An intensive business strategy session with an experienced business advisor
  • Core legal documents and agreements required by your business, incorporation filing and your choice of two legal agreements
  • Ongoing support throughout the first year of your operations
  • A year end assessment of your business

Our Business Start-up Plan Includes:

Cost: $450 per month (for 12 months) or $5,000 one-time fee

Here’s how it breaks down:

Step #1 – Business Strategy Session
  • An interactive strategy session in which your business plan(s) are reviewed and critiqued by our team of advisors and your strategy is refined.

The session focuses on a variety of key issues, including:

  • business structure
  • risk and liability
  • ownership/founder relationship
  • IP protection
  • branding and brand protection
  • commercial agreements
  • financing options
  • your regulatory environment 
Step #2 – Core Agreements and filings
  • Incorporation (1 share class) and organization of company 
  • Your choice of two basic agreements:
    • Unanimous Shareholder Agreement
    • Partnership Agreement
    • Master Services Agreement
    • SaaS (customer) Agreement
    • Website Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Confidentiality Agreement
    • Employment Agreement
    • Contractor Agreement
    • Employee Stock Option Plan
  • Corporate filings, business name registration
Step #3 – Ongoing Support Throughout Your First Year of Operations
  • Up to 4 calls per month
  • Access by toll free number, email, text or phone
  • Less than 24 hours response time. Usually same day.
Step #4 – Year End Assessment
  • A strategy session in which your first year of operations is reviewed by our team of advisors and your strategies and priorities are updated for the future.
General Terms:
  • Prices do not include HST, government service charges or out-of-pocket disbursements required to perform the service.
  • Calls are based upon ½ hour average call length. The actual number of calls per month may be adjusted if call length is exceeded.

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